Greek School

San Diego Greek Language School

The Saint Spyridon Greek Language School for over 70 year has provided children and adults the opportunity to offer excellence in Hellenic education which includes the language, culture and heritage of Greece.

Currently our school enrollment consists of over 120 students ranging from Kindergarten through high school to adults. 

When your children study the Greek language, they acquire valuable tools and keys which will open intellectual and spiritual worlds for them and will help them in their growth, maturity and education.

Our Goal

The goal of the San Diego Greek Language School is to enable each student to understand and make themselves understood, in speaking, reading and writing the Greek language.


The curriculum of the San Diego Greek Language School of Saint Spyridon has been approved by the authorities of Public Education in San Diego City. As a result, the school is accredited. Upon completion of the Greek School program, students may earn language credit in the San Diego City and possibly County Public Schools, and credit at the University of California. 

Every effort is made to adjust the curriculum to the needs of each individual student. The lessons are tailored to meet their needs using small group instruction fostering big results.

At the beginning and primary levels of study, students are introduced to the speaking of the language. As they continue to improve their Greek, they progress into the middle and upper levels of study which includes reading, and writing, with an emphasis on grammatical structure. Class instruction also offers students a well-rounded and enriched course of study of the historical and philosophical aspects of Greece.

Director:  Ms. Nancy Provataris 

Contact #: (858) 616-7520


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