The mission and goals of the Acolyte Ministry as outlined by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America:
To maximize the spiritual benefit offered to acolytes in serving before the Holy Altar of Christ our God by encouraging participation in and enhancing knowledge of the Divine Services of the Orthodox Church, and nurturing the awe of serving the Living God.


  • Encourage Participation
    • Provide practical training guidelines (altar etiquette, care of the altar, etc.)
    • Provide structure to altar service
  • Enhance Knowledge
    • Provide theoretical training guidelines (meaning of Divine Liturgy, Eucharistic theology, prayers, Christian ascetical life, etc.)
    • Attend at least one acolyte retreat per year
  • Nurture Awe
    • Instill respect in acolytes
    • Initiate acolytes into the mystical experience of the Church's worship
    • Maintain focus on Christ as Offered and Offerer
    • Identify, nurture, and encourage priestly vocations

Open to boys 10 years old to 18 years old.
For more information contact:

Angel Gilpin
(858) 457-2723